Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ssshhtt. Ada bayi yang mau tidur nih...

kulit bersalju, pipi gemuk, jari tangan dan kaki yg mungil, dan kuncup bibir bunga mawar, bayi yang baru lahir ini benar-benar layak dijuluki Sleeping Beauties. Hahahaha

foto3 ini diabadikan oleh dua bersaudara Tracy Raver dan Kelley Ryden, yang mengambil sebagian besar foto-foto di studio mereka di Nebraska ketika bayi-bayi itu kurang dari 10 hari.

Spoiler for bayi1:

Suspended animation: But at least I've got a posy for my toes

Spoiler for bayi2:

Out on the floor: It's no struggle to snuggle up to a warm rug

Spoiler for bayi3:

A budding Buddah: I'm taking 40 winks on the path to enlightenment

Spoiler for bayi4:

It's a wrap: Lulled to sleep with a swaddling song

Spoiler for bayi5:

Getting back to nature: Who says caterpillars can't hibernate?

Spoiler for bayi6:

Frown in the mouth: My afternoon nap is a serious business

Spoiler for bayi7:

Meet my silent partner, we like to get our heads together

Spoiler for bayi8:

Crib sheet - and this hatbox beats my cradle any day

The photo shoots usually last between three and four hours at a studio (with nice natural light, a good temperature gauge and lots of props). The babies either wear white clothes or nothing at all.

It takes around a fortnight for the photographs to be processed before they're presented to the besotted parents.

sumber : http://www.kaskus.us/showthread.php?t=3455848


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