Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Halte Bus Yang Lucu Dan Unik

1. Bus stop in Venture California. This was designed by Dennis Oppenheim.

2. Bus stop designed to resemble a living room. This was created by Ikea as part of their marketing strategy for Design Week 2006.

3. Bus stop in the shape of a watermelon in Japan.

4. How about this bus stop by 3M? They were very confident that nobody can break their Security Glass and hence kept a large stack of cash.

5. All of us knew Dubai is one of the hottest places; do you know what they did to provide comfort to passengers waiting for the buses? They built a fully air-conditioned bus stop. This bus stop is near Burj Al Arab Hotel.

6. Where do you grow grass? Did you answered “In the floor?” how about looking at a bus shelter with grass? This one is in Sheffield, England.

7. Another one in England, which is designed like a garden. This was decorated by Irish Hynd in Cornwall. I think this is the real meaning of going green; what do you think?

8. How about looking at an amazing Bus Stop from the world’s largest producer of coffee? Yes…this is the amazing Curitiba Bus Stop in Brazil.

9. Another amazing bus stop in Brazil. This one was designed to promote World Cup.

10. Do you wish to relax while you wait for the bus? Take a look at this hammock bus stop.

11. A bus stop in Australia that resembles a postage stamp.

12. Estonian bus stop designed in the shape of a small home.



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