Wednesday, January 20, 2010

25 meja kerja yang paling populer

meja kerja paling populer nih gan.. berikut pic2 nya gan:

1. Programmer Desk
Spoiler for programmer desk:

2. Floating Monitors and Hidden Peripherals Desk
Spoiler for float desk:

3. The Ultimate Dorm Desk
Spoiler for dorm desk:

4. The Trap Door Desk
Spoiler for trap desk:

5. The Computer Cabinet Office
Spoiler for cabinet desk:

6.The Well-Planned Dorm Room
Spoiler for dorm desk:

7. Custom Wire Management for Multi-Monitor Bliss
Spoiler for cwm desk:

8. The Mac-tacular Lair
Spoiler for mac desk:

9. Unidentified Floating Desk
Spoiler for uf desk:

10. The Innovative Office
Spoiler for office desk:

sumber :


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