Friday, June 4, 2010

Bantal-Bantal Yang Unik

Spoiler for Morning Message Pillow:
As you rest your head on the pillow for those valuable last few moments before you wake the words Good Morning Sweetheart are gently pressed onto your cheek. Even though you may feel tired and drowsy your loved one can see how you feel.

Spoiler for Sushi Pillow:

Stylish pillows that look like giant pieces of sushi. Choose the delightful Shrimp Nigiri… or go for the delicious Salmon. There’s even a giant green Edamame for you to cuddle up with.

Spoiler for Pillowig Pillow:

Wearable pillow that allows users to sleep comfortably whenever and wherever they like.

Spoiler for Mac OS X Icons Pillows:

Collection of pillows inspired by Mac OS X icons from Throwboy.

Spoiler for Gun Pillow:

Rest your weary head on this comforting gun pillow made by the good people at Gama-Go.

Spoiler for iSleep Laptop Pillow:

Sleep comfortably on your laptop with this pillow. When you close your laptop, iSleep pillow gets filled with warm air, music is being played and after 10 minutes the alarm clock rings.

Spoiler for Hamburger Pillow:

Spoiler for Stone Pillow:

Livingstones - creative pillows that look like rocks.

Spoiler for Pillow for Singles:

Cecilia Lundgren, a talented designer from Halmstad, has designed these creative pillow cases for lonely singles.

Spoiler for Horse Head Pillow:

A great conversation piece for the wannabe wise guy who has everything, and whose wife won’t let them own a revolver.

Spoiler for Pizza Pillow:

Pepperoni Pizza plush pillow with cheese, lettuce, and beef. One of the slices is also removable with velcro attached.

Spoiler for Pill-o Pillow:

Creative pillow design from CarteBlanche, a luxury products company pioneering “cocaine-chic” couture.

Spoiler for Book Pillow:

Creative pillow designed by Ranch Box looks like a regular book.

Spoiler for MP3 Player Pillow:

If you love your iPod and can’t bear to be parted from it even when asleep then this is the solution, the MP3 Pillow, a pillow shaped like an iPod. The pillow also incorporates a speaker so you can listen to tunes while you snooze.

Spoiler for DOS Pillow:

Dosugus pillow looks like a black screen with good old DOS directories embroidered on it.

Spoiler for Alarm Clock Pillow:

glo Pillow Alarm Clock uses LED fabric substrate to wakes the user using light. This substrate also functions as a display, showing the time on the surface of the pillow.

Spoiler for Fresh Salmon Pillow :

Spoiler for Blood Puddle Pillows :

The pillows are inspired by those suspenseful moments when a sleeping loved one is a little too still for a little too long. Using an irreverent combination of comfort & fear the pillows parallel sleep & death.

Spoiler for Transformers Pillows:

Pillows featuring the Autobot and Decepticon Transformers logos.

Spoiler for Bacon Pillow :

This unusual pillow is a must-have for the bacon lover in your life.

Spoiler for iDream Pillows :

Creative iDream pillows designed by Studio Psycho from Ukraine.


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