Tuesday, April 13, 2010

8 Amazing Photoshop Effects

Spoiler for 8:
#8 – Dreamy and Mystical Effects

Create a Ghostly Effect in Photoshop

The little mermaid

The Making of Mystic

AutoFx Mystical Lighting Photoshop Plugin

Spoiler for 7:
#7 – Reflective and Glossy Effects

Create a Colorful Print-and-Play Puzzle in Photoshop

Loading Interface

Create a Mobile Phone Styled Like the HTC Touch Diamond

AutoFx DreamSuite Gel Photoshop Plugin

Spoiler for 6:
#6 – Explosion and fire effects

Hell of tutorial in Photoshop

Create a space explosion from scratch in Photoshop

Create a spectacular flaming meteor on text

Spoiler for 5:
#5 – Chrome effects

How to chrome plate your cherries

Realistic chrome and glossy plastic text effect

Spoiler for 4:
#4 – Photo frames effect

Create a vintage Polaroid effect

Creating Photo Borders With Displacement Maps

OnOne PhotoBorder Photoshop Plugin

Spoiler for 3:
#3 – Photo to illustration effects

Photoshop your portrait through painting history

Give your photos a retro comic book effect

Photo to illustration effect

Create a complete vexel image using Photoshop

Spoiler for 2:
#2 – Embossed effects

Rendering a map using relief shading technique in Photoshop

Create paper folds and creases

Creating a wet a muddy rocks texture using FilterForge Photoshop Plugin

Spoiler for 1:
#1 – Page Curl

Sticker tutorial

Make a page curl

AVBros Page Curl Pro 2.2



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