Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lukisan Dari Paku

neh gah karya seni dari paku buatan Marcus Levine

Marcus Levine poses with his work, Tamas Study 4, which contains 26,600 nails and is on sale for £26,500 at the Hammered exhibition at Gallery 27, in London.

...Marcus Levine's artwork is made up of thousands of alloy nails driven into white board. Petra Study 2 uses 27,200 nails and is on sale for £27,000

By hammering the nails in at varying heights and distances he is able to create distinct tones

A close-up of some of the nails in one of his works

Lips uses 3,500 nails and is on sale for £3,500

Tamas Study 3 uses 15,100 nails and is on sale for £15,000

Marcus Levine poses with Tamas Study 2


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